Offers for special groups

1. Excursion to the restoration workshops.
Tourists have a unique opportunity of seeing the process of ancient Novgorod Icon’s restoration.

2. Visit to the Troitsky excavation in Novgorod Veliky ( summer period)

3. The Church of Saviour in the Nereditsa (1198) - Novgorod monumental painting of the XII century (mural painting). At will, visit to the ruins of the Church of the Annunciation at Gorodishsche.

4. The Orthodox Russia. Visit to the Viazhisky Monastery of St Nicholas (12 km from the city). Founded in the XIV century in a very picturesque place. Architectural ensemble of XVII-XVIII. St Nicholas Cathedral is the main cathedral of the nunnery.

5. Visit to the Khoutyn Monastery of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour (10 km fro Novgorod). Founded in the XII century. Now is an architectural complex of XVI-XIX centuries. Now it’s a nunnery. A talk with Mother Superior and, at will, accommodation in the nunnery, is possible.

6. Visit to the center of restoration workshops.

7. The beginning of asceticism in Russia. Visit to the Peryn retreat, were the Slavs, who didn’t know the Christian religion, almost a century ago, arranged a place to offer up a prayers and worship Perun-the God of thunder and lightning. The legend says that after the adoption of Christianity, Perun’s idol was thrown into the river Volkhov, and on its place in 995 the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God was built. (Visit to the church)

8. Visit to the Roman-Catholic church, attendance at the service, talk with the priest Miroslav.

9. Visit to the musical school of Russian folklore. Teaching, round-table discussion, the performance of folklore group and, at will, tea-drinking.

10. Visit to a farm.

11. Visit to the kindergartens, orphanages and special schools.

12. The organization of dinner in monastery